The First Order Of Business Of A Totalitarian State

… is to suppress as much as possible the freedom of the press and media. NYPD’s treatment of journalists yesterday… including many fully credentialed network journalists… tells us that at least in one part of our country, the process is well underway:

An NYPD inspector took a press badge from an NBC4 reporter. Only credentialed press were permitted to stand on the sidewalk in front of Zuccotti. However, CNN’s Poppy Harlow reported via Twitter the police were not letting press through to Occupy Wall Street protesters. According to New York Observer reporter Hunter Walker, CNBC, NBC, CBS, Wall Street Journal and Reuters reporters were all blocked from viewing the raid.

The air space over Zuccotti Park (which the occupiers renamed Liberty Square) was closed to all news helicopters. Both the NBC and CBS news choppers were grounded.

Journalists were shoved around for being present. A few reporters and photographers were even thrown to the ground.

AP reporter Karen Matthews and AP photographer Set Wenig were arrested. New York Daily News Matthew Lysiak was arrested. Jared Malsin, a reporter for the Local East Village, was arrested, even though he showed his press credentials. NPR freelancer Julie Walker was arrested.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg downplayed or outright ignored the instances of press suppression. He contended the press was kept from the park area to “prevent a situation from getting worse” and to protect the press. Bloomberg celebrated the “professionalism” shown by the NYPD during the raid.

Oh, they’re professional all right. The question is, professional what? How about paid professional thugs?

This is the kind of crap we expect to happen in tinpot dictatorships. Bloomberg needs a tin pot; somebody get it for him before he flattens another journalist…

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