Election Day In Texas

Today is our off-year election in Texas (and probably most other places in America as well). On the ballot for Harris County residents are all Houston City Council races (or your local governing body if you’re not in the Houston city limits), some county offices including school board, and the usual amendments to the Texas Constitution (if you don’t know, don’t ask) … there are 10 of them this time.

If you are a Texas resident, vote at your officially designated polling place… as usual on Election Day, early voting locations are NOT open today. You can find your Harris County poll location, and view an image of your voter certificate, at the Tax Assessor-Collector’s web site. For most other voter information, see the Harris County Clerk’s Office voter web site, harrisvotes.org. State Rep. Scott Hochberg has performed his usual service of listing the constitutional amendments with basic arguments FOR and AGAINST them That’s pretty much all you need to know.

VOTE TODAY if you haven’t already!

UPDATE around 10:35 PM: some of the incumbents, including Mayor Annise Parker, are barely hanging on to their majorities. There could be some squeakers later tonight!

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