Rand Paul Is Nuts; Also, Dog Bites Man

I admit it: that Rand Paul is full-blown batshit crazy is not news. But this latest example shows that he may well be crazier than his old man.

It’s an AP article, so I’ll have to paraphrase it for you. Three times, Republican senators failed to stop federal funding for hike-and-bike paths and “other transportation enhancements.” Rand Paul offered an amendment, resoundingly defeated, that would have forbidden the federal government from paying for such works. Paul said the money was being used to fund

… a giant roadside coffee-pot shaped building, movie theaters and turtle tunnels. …

But it turns out… surprise, surprise… all of the listed items are misrepresentations. The coffee pot building was not funded with transportation money. The “movie theaters” were driver education classrooms. And the turtle tunnels were an attempt to avoid species extinction of (among other animals) turtles and alligators that tried (driven presumably by instinct) to cross a Florida highway. We all know better than to cross a Florida highway on foot (some of them aren’t safe to cross even in a car), but the listed animals are not so enlightened.

(WordPress is going crazy on me, so I’m posting what I’ve got and putting this aside for a while.)

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