Rocky Mountain Cry

I’ve been to Denver three times in my life. All three were happy occasions… my high school choir trip, an early music workshop under a famous Danish Dutch recorder player’s instruction, and a visit to a girlfriend. All of these happened decades ago.

So it sickens me to read this kind of crap. Apparently Denver cops went after the (as usual peaceable) Occupy crowds with everything they’ve got… tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and large batons. The first thing they did was attempt to dismantle a free food table. You know all about the evils of free food, don’t you? It’s communist and socialist!

OWS is doing everything it can to convey its message peaceably, and cops in several cities seem equally determined to turn every orderly protest into a violent encounter for the “benefit” of the evening broadcast news.

This really sucks green dog dicks. And I don’t see any good end to it. If our rights mean nothing… if we are to be subjected to violence in response to petitioning for a redress of grievances… are we all expected to be Gandhi? What part of American society is on our side, while so-called “journalists” ignore the petitioners unless they are being beaten up by cops?

I’ll challenge NTodd here, as our resident civil disobedience guy: how is there a chance in hell that this will have a peaceable negotiated outcome?

MINOR AND IRRELEVANT CORRECTION: the early music workshop I attended was in Colorado Springs. Most of Denver’s early music community was there, so it was an easy mistake for me to make.

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  • karmanot  On Sunday October 30, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    By any chance id you meet Antonia Brico during those days?

    • Steve  On Sunday October 30, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      Not that I remember, karmanot. The EM community in most major American cities in those days was quite large, and many of the workshops had a couple hundred attendees. This one had a lot of audience members, but only a dozen actual participants played for Ms. Eva Legêne‘s masterclasses. It’s possible that I encountered Antonia without knowing it.

      Another correction: Ms. Legêne is Dutch; her husband is Danish. Details, details…

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