Last Night’s Double Feature: ‘Smellville’ And ‘Scary Debate Movie’

I don’t know which terrifies me more: the possibility that no one can find the source of the smell that pervades this house at the moment, or the likelihood that one of those people in last night’s Las Vegas free-for-all will become President of the United States. The two features are similar in only one aspect: something stinks.

Let me make one all-too-obvious observation in advance: Rick Perry is uncivilized. We have lived with him in Texas since GeeDubya left to become president. Rick has more money than God (who, I’m sure Rick will tell you, is on Perry’s side) and an array of backers who like him primarily because he’s an “honest” politician (you know… once bought, he stays bought). It is unlikely IMHO that he will become president because even some Republicans prefer civilization, but that only means that we Texans will have to suffer him as probable Governor-for-life.

But frankly the other GOP candidates are not much better. Much of the “debate” seemed to consist of shouting over each other about who hates “illegals,” i.e., undocumented immigrants, the most, who has hired them, how cruelly each candidate will treat them if elected, etc. Illegal immigration is more important to these people than anything our nation faces… bank failures, mortgage fraud, pervasively inadequate access to health care, abuse of police powers, deterioration of infrastructure, collapse of the public education system, and unemployment, and unemployment, and unemployment. None of those threats to our nation’s wellbeing matter, say the GOPers, as long as we can hate on undocumented foreign workers.

Now that’s what I call setting priorities!

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