Bloomberg Backs Down, OWS May Stay In Zuccotti Park For Now

Do you ever wonder whether those one-click petition signatures make a damned bit of difference? I do, every time I click one. And often enough they don’t. But at least two org’s whose lists I subscribe to had petitions to Mayor Bloomberg to protect free speech by allowing the Occupy Wall Street protesters to stay. And at least for the moment, he did it.

No victory for speech is ever a permanent one. The bastards who prefer to control the universe are always looking for opportunities, and I wouldn’t bet against another attempt to shut down OWS in the near future.

But for the moment, there are surely a lot of white-shirted NYPD cops disappointed because they won’t get to wield their batons against protesters’ skulls or pepper-spray them in the eyes… this time. We rejoice in the victories we can have, however brief they may be.

UPDATE: respectful of the park owners’ concerns, the protesters cleaned the park themselves and budgeted funds for a thorough cleanup later.

UPDATE: apparently the white-shirts got as far as threatening clearing the park and removing the protesters on buses, which were brought to the scene. But it never got that far, because the owners, Brookfield Properties, relented when they felt their issues had been addressed. So I’ll forgive Brookfield the utter absurdity of their renaming Liberty Park after the chairman of their company. (Does money create vanity, or merely spur it on?)

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