Awlaki Assassination Redux: bmaz Of FDL Explores Various Reactions

Here it is. There seems to be a consensus on all sides that Obama needs to release more information on the analysis which provided a motive for the targeted killing, especially of an American citizen but actually any targeted assassination. To date, however, the Obama administration seems determined to keep everything secret. Ultimately this cannot stand, if Obama expects the killings to be accepted as legal. In America, we do not typically do law in secret, and even when we do, there are applicable rules and institutions that serve as a check on unlimited power. Obama should not be allowed to opt out of these procedures.

I have grave reservations about the whole practice of targeted assassinations of noncombatants. It is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. With public information on these killings suppressed, they are certain to be seen by our adversaries as an injustice. And believe me, we do not need more international enemies.

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  • MandT  On Thursday October 6, 2011 at 12:45 am

    It’s all coming down at once it seems. From OCCUPY to an increasing demand for transparency and justice. I hope it heats up even more. An American president who claims absolute right of life and death over any American citizen without due processes of law is a tyrant. It’s that simple for me. Once this notion comes home to the couch potato a larger movement will rise. Usually, Jonathan Turley is informative , as is Paul Craig Roberts.

    • Steve  On Thursday October 6, 2011 at 1:07 am

      MandT, as I read these three books… Miracle at Philadelphia, The Four Freedoms of the First Amendment, and The Science of Liberty… I understand at last that our founders would not have stood for the kind of “justice” that GeeDubya Bush and Barack Obama were and are determined to impose upon us. Even the founders’ errors… slavery, for example… have much to teach us, and they themselves came to regret those errors. These men and women sought truth and liberty at great personal cost; can we, their descendants, do less?

      I read Turley regularly, and I’m about to locate a source for Roberts. Thanks as always for the recommendations.

  • MandT  On Thursday October 6, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Roberts has an extraordinary range of ischolarship—particularly on economics and justice issues. You can find him at COUNTERPUNCH ( I don’t know if they have an archives section, but I imagine Google will list them.) I think Roberts is still over at Cal Berkeley. He has been remarkably generous in responding to e-mail commentary.

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