And Never The Train Shall Meet…

… well, OK, seldom, but today a dump truck met a Metro train when the truck ran a red light. Without warning, Metro passengers were tossed about and the train was derailed, and traffic in downtown Houston (at the intersection of Main and Capitol) was an unholy mess while they tried to get the train back on track so that it could be rolled to the repair facility… literally at the other end of the line. Apparently 15 people were slightly injured, taken to two hospitals and later released. No injuries were life-threatening. The dump truck driver, who said he was blinded by the sun (certainly possible today, as I can attest), was cited. Ironically, he was heading to work on another new rail line.

This was the 27th incident and the first derailment this year involving Metrorail. One would think after this long (?) that Houston drivers would be accustomed to Metrorail and know how to drive both across it and parallel to it. But noooo…

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