It Was Installa…tion, I Know…

… and far from having “ended right then at the start,” it ran for about four hours. Now my Ubuntu Linux has been upgraded to version 10.10, the latest-but-one, but sufficient for me to upgrade Firefox, Thunderbird etc. The installation, unlike most Windows upgrades I’ve encountered in my life, was utterly smooth. It asked me only two questions… did I want to overwrite a config file for the Update Manager (it even showed me a diff so I could answer the question with confidence), and did I want to delete obsolete software files (yes… I’m certainly not going back to the previous version). Everything seems to work. Once again, Ubuntu Linux has proved itself an excellent choice… and of course, as always, it’s free. I’ll run with 10.10 for a while and decide later whether to risk the latest release version. Anyone with insight into that decision is more than welcome to comment on it.

While I waited for the install to complete, I read the first few chapters of Timothy Ferris’s The Science of Liberty (2010), in which he argues that science and liberal democracy (not in the same sense that I use the word “liberal”) are mutually reinforcing and essential each to the other. I have a feeling I’d probably disagree with Ferris’s politics, and his term for people like me is not “liberal” but “progressive,” but so far his argument for his main thesis is quite convincing. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this book later.


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