Whatever It Is, teaparty.com Is No Tea Party

The Canadian rock band Tea Party has held the domain teaparty.com since 1993. TPM quotes their bassist as saying “So much damage has been done to our name by the political movement that we’re considering selling.”

I happen to license my name as a domain, stephenbates.com; I’ve had it for a very long time, and in my contract IT days, it was very useful to me. Not so useful… not so foresighted… was my other domain, yellowdoggereldemocrat.org; it still points to my current blog, but as I haven’t been a Democrat officially since Obama stiffed us after his election, it’s not as self-descriptive as it once was. Ah well. When I licensed it, I had been a Democrat for real (contributor to the DNC etc.) for over three decades; how could I know that in many ways the party would betray everything I stand for. Hey, you wanna buy a used domain?

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