Obama To Allow States To Opt Out Of ‘No Child Left Behind’

Credit where credit is due: Obama has announced his intention “to give states more flexibility to opt out of some provisions of the controversial No Child Left Behind program.” NCLB (which I always called NCLBLB, No Child’s Left Behind Left Behind) is GeeDubya Bush’s burden imposed on students, school teachers, counselors and administrators in the name of “accountability,” but in reality an unmitigated disaster that sapped resources that otherwise would have gone to educating children. Leave it to Bush to “improve” education… he certainly improved his own, all the way up to a ‘C’ average. [/snark]

And the release of school districts from NCLBLB comes none too soon. According to the CBS article, Obama noted that the U.S. is now 16th in the world in the percentage of students who obtain a college degree. I don’t want to think too much about who is ahead of us, but I’d be willing to bet that almost all of America’s economic competitors in the Pacific Rim and in Western Europe are higher up that list. Accountability is well and good, but in my day, parents, kids and yes, education professionals were committed to a high level of achievement… without any damned NCLBLB.

I urge parents among you who have school-age children to find out what your state is doing about this. Encourage them to ditch NCLB before it ditches your children.

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