A Highly Amusing Assertion

The home of one of asshole Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s former aides, Cynthia Archer, was raided by the FBI:

The FBI on Wednesday raided the Madison home of a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, as part of an ongoing investigation.

The home of Cynthia A. Archer was raided Wednesday morning, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Archer had previously been a top aide to Walker when he was Milwaukee County Executive. She has owned her Madison home since 1988, rented it out during her years working for Walker in Milwaukee County, and then moved back when he became governor.

There is currently an ongoing investigation into whether county employees engaged in political activity for Walker when he was the executive.

Well and good; perhaps a crime was committed and perhaps not… we just don’t know yet. Ms. Archer consented to the search; no warrant was involved. But this quote from Ms. Archer sent me into gales of laughter:

“I can tell you that I’ve been a public servant my whole life. I have a very good sense of what’s appropriate and inappropriate,” said Archer. “To my knowledge I never engaged in any inappropriate activities or behavior at work. I didn’t do blogging or any of that kind of thing, so I’m confident I have nothing to hide.”

Blogging! Oh, the horror!

UPDATE: this may explain the “blogging” remark, but the article is so awkward it doesn’t explain much else.

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