Serendipity: Frances Moore Lappé And The Food Of The Nation

As mentioned earlier, I have been reading the late Studs Terkel’s book Hope Dies Last (2003), in which the then 90-year-old Terkel (now lamentably deceased) interviews labor leaders and others significant to the long-term survival of working-class Americans… including Frances Moore Lappé, author of (among other books) the famous Diet for a Small Planet. After reading that inspiring interview, I checked my email and discovered that The Nation this month is mostly about food… and leads with an article by none other than Frances Moore Lappé. If you are even remotely a “foodie” … and who among us isn’t… please read Lappé’s article and the four replies, listed at the bottom of her article under the heading “More Food Movement.” Maybe I’ve found my cause for the last decade or two of my life… or maybe not, but this is certainly intriguing stuff.

I’m off to eat something, perhaps even something good for me…

UPDATE: I didn’t make it clear that this issue of The Nation is about food from a sociopolitical and scientific viewpoint… agriculture, agribusiness, sustainabliity, environmental friendliness, etc.

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