Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

Here is a decent article including a map of wildfires in Texas, the result of a drought many weeks long. The fires, only 30 percent contained as of this morning, have destroyed at least 1,000 homes and (Mustang Bobby will regret this) 175 classic cars in a single collection.

The closest fires to my home are still reasonably far away, in Montgomery, Waller and Grimes counties. Apparently some Magnolia residents have been evacuated, but I have been unable to determine if the Texas Renaissance Festival grounds burned or not. (The locals hate the Festival, notwithstanding its huge positive effect on the local economy, so they don’t bother reporting on it in the community news site article about the fire.)

Notwithstanding the relative safety of Our House at the moment, no one in the state is safe from the smoke, which we’ve been breathing since the fires started. I don’t look forward to running my errands this morning, after waking up several times last night with the scratchiness of throat that inevitably results from breathing small amounts of smoke.

But remember, this drought has nothing to do with global climate change, and hey, look, Al Gore is was fat!

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