vanden Heuvel Calls A Halt: ‘Stop Bashing Government Workers’

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, writing in a WaPo op-ed, tells the Tea Party and similarly minded crazies who bash government workers where they can stuff it, and why.

I agree completely with vanden Heuvel, and I issue the following challenge to each and every Republican who whines about the size and scope of government: go for one week without using any government service whatsoever… if you succeed, I will praise you here; if you fail, you will STFU about smaller government.

Remember: if you take this challenge,

  • you may not drive on public streets or roads, not to work, not to get groceries (I’ll allow you to walk beside the road, but not on the pavement),
  • you may not put your trash out for public garbage pickup,
  • you may not go to a public library for any purpose whatsoever,
  • you may not take your kids to a public school,
  • you may not call the police, fire department or public ambulance service, no matter how dire the emergency,
  • you may not log on to the Internet,
  • you may not fly anywhere in any aircraft.

Note that I am giving you several large breaks in advance. Your groceries have already been delivered to the store by way of public roads. Your house is not under water when it rains because of public flood control projects (which at one time in Houston were derisively referred to by conservatives as “beautifying the bayou”). You may work online, but only by a direct connection from your home to your place of business… you may not use the Internet because its underpinnings were built and maintained as government projects.

That’s the deal. Any takers?

AFTERTHOUGHT: and that’s mostly just the local government services you use daily, with a few county/state services mixed in. If you really want a challenge, try to find a way to escape using federal government services… no can do, right?

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