New Oil Slick Near Deepwater Horizon Location?

Raw Story:

A California nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife has discovered what seems to be a massive oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico near the area of the original Deepwater Horizon spill.

In a flight over the Gulf Tuesday, founder and pilot Dr. Bonny Schumaker spotted an oil slick that stretched for nearly 10 miles.

Last week, two Louisiana State University men took a boat into the Gulf and returned with video evidence of large blooms of crude oil swelling up to the water’s surface where the doomed oil rig once hovered.

BP had firmly denied that the well is continuing to leak.

“None of this is true,” they said in a statement.

Follow either the Raw Story link or go to OnWingsOfCare for a YouTube video that OWOC took from a light plane above the slick. The plane reports contacting two ships seen in the area; one replied that it was sampling the water for BP. BP denies everything, of course.

I would be grateful for any additional information you may find about this slick. Goddam ’em, it’s my Gulf, too.


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  • Bryan  On Sunday September 4, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    I’ve seen the reports, Steve, but I can’t find any confirmation. One problem is that the people I would trust to tell the truth would spend a lot of time checking and re-checking to be sure before saying anything. This has entered the law suit phase and legal departments for universities get nervous about scientists making statements without ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt.’

    • Steve  On Sunday September 4, 2011 at 10:01 pm

      Bryan, there’s an additional matter you may not have thought of. A lot of us in the environmentalist community are attempting to put pressure on Obama to deny a permit for the Tar Sands pipeline, a true dirty-carbon-fuel nightmare if ever there was one. People are being arrested in front of the White House every day this week protesting that pipeline, in part on the grounds that if there were ever a major leak or spill, the crap would destroy everything from protected wilderness to prime farmland. If BP turns out to be lying about having “fixed” the Deepwater Horizon site, and that info were released to the public, there could well be a backlash in the public’s mind regarding a possible leak in the pipeline… it wouldn’t be the first… and a lot more people might pressure Obama to deny the permit, which is otherwise almost certain to get his approval. So there’s more to lose than just BP’s credibility: they don’t want to endanger the heretofore successful government-oil industry collusion regarding the pipeline.

  • Bryan  On Sunday September 4, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    I was in Alaska when the North Slope pipeline was just beginning to be discussed, and every objection to it has proven to be true. It leaks all the time because they don’t do the preventative maintenance.

    Pacific Gas & Electric knew there were problems with their natural gas pipeline, but stalled the maintenance until it destroyed a neighborhood.

    US-Canadian pipelines have such a great record, and that one only runs from Ontario to Indiana. The company that owns it is based in Calgary, so it is probably involved in the this latest project.

    “The only people who will benefit from the new pipeline are multinational corporations. With Libya coming back on line there will be enough of a jump in production that the Saudis will cut back. Between speculators and OPEC you can forget about reducing the price of oil – it isn’t going to happen. Oil is a global commodity, and this crap about ‘reducing dependence on foreign oil’ is a marketing ploy with no connection to reality.

    • Steve  On Sunday September 4, 2011 at 11:06 pm

      Bryan, for your “amusement,” here is a (necessarily incomplete) list of pipeline accidents in five countries including the U.S., from 1920 to the present. There are hundreds of such accidents. The only reasonable conclusion is that oil/gas pipelines are a proven UNsafe technology.

  • MandT  On Monday September 5, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Essential to the possibility of continuing leaks is the fact, still a fact, that the prevention devices on these drill sites are proven to fail and still have not been technologically re-designed. Check Google for Rachel Maddow’s investigative journalism on this.

    • Steve  On Monday September 5, 2011 at 10:26 pm

      MandT, the discouraging thing is that the flaws in the blowout prevention devices (I don’t know about other mechanisms) were known from quite early on in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. And nothing has been done, and nothing will be done, except to cover asses and assure that no one wealthy ever answers for their company’s negligence.

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