With Secret CIA Assistance, NYPD Surveils Alleged Terrorists In NYC

This is wrong in several ways:

  • The CIA is legally mandated to have no involvement in domestic matters.
  • This surveillance is all done in secret, and has been going on since 2002.
  • As far as I can tell from this AP article, no warrants are obtained to authorize the aggressive surveillance. A U.S. district judge initially approved the rule changes that permitted the program in September 2002, but as is so often the case with things done in secret, there appears to have been no actual court test of the program.
  • The program targets a specific religious community, secretly infiltrating Muslim neighborhoods.

My frustration stems from the appearance that this could all be done legally if the parties involved were inclined to take steps to do so. But they aren’t. I suppose if you’re an NYPD cop or a CIA agent, your sense of civil liberties leaves you willing to discard people’s rights against unreasonable search if you think that by doing so you can prevent another 9/11.

Please forgive the lack of quotes… this is from AP, after all. Go read the article; it’s a decent piece of journalism, notwithstanding the source.

UPDATE: emptywheel is on fire this morning, about the NYPD business and about other FBI misdoings. emptywheel has always been an excellent investigative blogger, and as she turns her attention to civil liberties issues, she becomes one of the signature blogs to watch, along with the ACLU, Grits for Breakfast and of course Glenn Greenwald. Marcy will henceforth be a daily read for me.

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  • MandT  On Wednesday August 24, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    How to dissent in a police state?

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