Obama Campaign Insults, Demeans Practically Everybody

On a blog which pretentiously styles itself The People’s View, a campaign stalwart, with the support of all the Obamabots on the thread (that’s the first time I’ve used that word, ever, but there’s a damned good reason I did), insulted practically all potential and former Obama voters who do not worship at the great O’s feet. The author starts by insulting Paul Krugman:

Paul Krugman is a political rookie. At least he is when compared to President Obama. That’s why he unleashed a screed as soon as word came about the debt ceiling compromise between President Obama and Congressional leaders – to, you know, avert an economic 9/11. Joining the ideologue spheres’ pure, fanatic, indomitable hysteria, Krugman declares the deal a disaster – both political and economic – of course providing no evidence for the latter, which I find curious for this Nobel winning economist.

What a sorry mofo that author is. Whether or not Paul Krugman is a political expert, he is a Nobel prizewinner in economics, and the “screed[s]” he has “unleashed” have been entirely about economic matters, where he is eminently qualified to offer commentary… including criticism. But the author (whose screen name is “deaniac83”) isn’t done. He attempts a deconstruction of everyone he considers to be to the left of Obama (oh, if only this young twit had ever been exposed to the real Left!) and at one point calls us all “the Firebagger Lefty blogosphere.”

“Firebagger” is a bizarre concatenation of parts of “FireDogLake” and “teabagger,” i.e., someone as extreme and stupid on the left as teabaggers are on the right. Well and good: I proudly proclaim I am a Firebagger, to the extent that I find much of the political analysis on FireDogLake concurs with my own. But I am neither stupid nor extreme, and I do not appreciate the designation. As name-calling seems to be the Obamabots’ favored method of conflict, I shall continue calling them O’bots as long as they continue their hostile behavior.

I confess I did have one moment of sheer stupidity, though, in November 2008. I shall not repeat it.

(Via HuffPo, ultimately from Avedon.)


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  • MandT  On Thursday August 18, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    We Firebots will burn O’Bummer’s bridges for him.

  • MandT  On Thursday August 18, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    PS. I just read the site. OMG, Looks like Barbara has a new nome de screech!

    • Steve  On Thursday August 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm

      Pretty amazing, isn’t it, MandT?

      To my great regret, MandT, Barbara is nowhere nearly alone in the business of Obama-worship. Indeed, I’ve never seen anything in American politics quite like Obamabots, and I admit their existence scares me a bit… they remind me of all those people on late-1930s newsreels chanting “Heil, Hitler!” There’s a bit of that obsessive flavor here. I have news for the O-bots: Obama does not equal America; devotion to Obama is not the same as loyalty to America.

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