GOP Steals Wisconsin State Senate

Of the six Senate recall races today, Republicans won three; Democrats won two. And the Waukesha County clerk stole the remaining one for Republicans. Democrats needed three to flip the state Senate majority.

Actually, I have no way of knowing what that county clerk did, but she does have a history of irregularities in earlier elections, bad enough that the Wisconsin Democratic Party chair is already calling foul, even before all votes are counted.

You know, ever since G. W. Bush’s daddy’s hand-picked Supreme Court handed the 2000 presidential election to Junior by a vote of 5-4, I have found myself unable to trust any close election result that is decided in favor of a Republican. And if there’s an actual history of malfeasance in the voting process or the vote counting process, I find it even more difficult to trust the results. Maybe Darling won this election… but with that kind of skulduggery, and with the majority of the Wisconsin Senate at stake, and with the demonstrated propensity of today’s Republicans to steal elections, there’s simply no way to know.

Anyone who steals an election… God damn them to rot in Hell. (This from a UU who doesn’t even believe in a Hell… let’s create one just for them.)

UPDATE morning of Aug. 10: Wisconsin Democrats have withdrawn their claim of irregularities. Sigh.

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