More GOP Hostages!

Jon Walker of FDL:

This recent debt ceiling deal proves the best way for the Republican Party to get what they want from the Democrats and President Obama is to take metaphorical hostages. At this point for the GOP to try negotiating for new laws through the traditional legislative process would be beyond stupid given how effective the tactic of disaster legislating has proven to be, time and time again. The Republican Party should simply refuse to ever deal with Obama unless they have a pending crisis to hold hostage.

The only thing I can add is that the “tactic of disaster legislation” is a reflection on the nature of not only the GOP but also the Democratic Party. If the Dems were not such a bunch of cowards led by a terrible negotiator obsessed with the misbegotten notion of trying to please everyone, the GOP could not use this ploy, over and over and over again. A president should be an advocate for somebody, and should stand for something. By standing only for accommodating the loudest voices in the room, Obama stands for nothing and nobody.


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  • MandT  On Monday August 1, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    “a terrible negotiator obsessed with the misbegotten notion of trying to please everyone,” This is a common perception Steve, One I also held until a year ago. Obama’s base is not the traditional Democrat mix of small business, labor, the middle class and working poor, etc. His base is Wall Street ( Goldman Sacs funded his campaign) Banks, Corporate globalists and Arms manufacturers. Seen in this light, Obama’s actions make perfect sense. Obama is a ‘Third Way’ plutocrat and is continuing the repressive corporate policies of the Clinton age.
    O’Hoover is leading the way to a major depression.

    • Steve  On Monday August 1, 2011 at 4:21 pm

      If you are right, MandT, and indeed you are probably right about this, OBummer is a smashing success, and we are the ones who suffer the smashing.

      I read somewhere that the Obama 2012 campaign plans to raise a billion dollars. A billion to re-elect a sitting president! I have to admit that if he spends that much, he will probably be re-elected; I’ve read that the candidate who spends the most wins in more than 90 percent of races.

      But if he spends a billion, that means he has to raise a billion, and he won’t be getting that in $25 contributions painfully saved up by nonwealthy people from their grocery money.


  • MandT  On Monday August 1, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    The reality for many of us just making do on Social Security and what is left of our destroyed pension plans is how to survive. A thousand dollar yearly cut in Social Security means disaster for many of us. Obama already cut medicare in the disastrous Obama Care health Bill and plans to cut even more, which means those of us with medical problems will probably not be able to afford the extra for major medical care. Those depending on HUD for assisted living or Sec. 8 will simply be left to die off. When I realized that the Obama Care plan was willing to let stand for two years apx. 100,000 deaths due to lack of insurance I sensed his true colors. I agree with Arthur Silber that this man is truly evil. Once he wins re-election, the destruction of the old Republic will be completed. Still, for all the obvious Democrat loyalists still see the monster as some kind of noble Marcus Aurelius of the current age. I’m thinking of the semi coherent blog called Maha., which might rename itself Hinablog.

    • Steve  On Monday August 1, 2011 at 11:14 pm

      MandT, I understand the threat you are experiencing as Obama… yes, specifically Obama… plans to destroy Social Security. I am pretty sure he, not the Republicans, was the first to mention that SS, Medicare and Medicaid could be “on the table.” He wanted to do the deed. I think he probably still wants to. Whether or not he is evil, he is undeniably a Republican by inclination, and we must do our best to prevent him from acting as such. If a Republican replaces him in 2012, we will be at least as bad off if not worse off, but I have no confidence that Obama will ever defend the rights of ordinary working class citizens.

      I removed the MahaBlog from my blogroll when O’Brien maligned progressives critical of Obama. Let her rant, but I will not direct people to her site.

  • MandT  On Tuesday August 2, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    🙂 I just enjoy poking sticks at Barbara’s Buddhist posing hypocrisy. It’s so easy and gets my mad off. lol

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