Obama’s Political Miscalculation

While we wait… though probably not long… for a resolution of the too-stupid-for-words debt ceiling “debate,” let us pause to contemplate what this means for Obama’s presumed 2012 presidential re-run. Word has it that he is counting on attracting enough independents in the course of his response to the debt ceiling matter, which amounts to nothing more than base-thrashing insanity. Here’s what Glenn Greenwald has to say:

How can the leader of the Democratic Party wage an all-out war on the ostensible core beliefs of the Party’s voters in this manner and expect not just to survive, but thrive politically?  Democratic Party functionaries are not shy about saying exactly what they’re thinking in this regard:

Mark Mellman, a Democratic pollster, said polling data showed that at this point in his term, Mr. Obama, compared with past Democratic presidents, was doing as well or better with Democratic voters. “Whatever qualms or questions they may have about this policy or that policy, at the end of the day the one thing they’re absolutely certain of — they’re going to hate these Republican candidates,” Mr. Mellman said. “So I’m not honestly all that worried about a solid or enthusiastic base.”

In other words: it makes no difference to us how much we stomp on liberals’ beliefs or how much they squawk, because we’ll just wave around enough pictures of Michele Bachmann and scare them into unconditional submission. That’s the Democratic Party’s core calculation: from “hope” in 2008 to a rank fear-mongering campaign in 2012.  Will it work?  The ones who will determine if it will are the intended victims of that tactic: angry, impotent liberals whom the White House expects will snap dutifully into line no matter what else happens (even, as seems likely, massive Social Security and Medicare cuts) between now and next November.

Let me say this in language even Mr. Mellman might be able to understand: Mr. Obama has already lost my vote. Is there any part of that statement you don’t comprehend, Mr. Mellman? Is it the word “lost,” or the word “vote,” or perhaps even “Mr. Obama”? Pictures of Michele Bachmann do not in any way compensate for President Obama’s utter disdain for civil liberties, his all-out war against openness in government, and… dare I say it… his manifest indifference to the massive society-wide unemployment our working people, employed and unemployed alike, face every day of their lives. I will quite literally not vote in the presidential race in 2012 before I will vote for Obama. I know you don’t give a flying fuck what I think, but perhaps enough such public statements will make you sleep a little worse. Dog knows I lose a lot of sleep these days; you deserve to do the same.


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  • MandT  On Sunday July 31, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    ditto Steve. i can think of about 55 million seniors dependent on Social Security and Medicare who will make a strong statement in 2012

    • Steve  On Tuesday August 2, 2011 at 10:29 pm

      MandT, if Obama depends on us, he may as well use that $billion for something else!

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