Morning News: Government To Screw Over Citizens

That’s what it’s looking like as I sit here. Congress appears to be inserting a trigger that would cut both entitlements and defense spending automatically if certain conditions are not met late this year, as negative incentive for Congress to make a second round of cuts. Oh, and by the way, as far as I can tell, the Republicans get practically everything else they want: a dollar amount of cuts exceeding the raise in the debt ceiling, a vote on a constitutional balanced budget amendment (which will fail, of course… or will it?), etc.

Brian Beutler (at the above link) summarizes it this way:

… The idea of this sort of penalty is to constitute policy both parties agree is bad — that way they don’t simply choose to punt on a larger deficit reduction bill. The idea here is that the threat of Medicare cuts will focus Democrats and the threat of defense cuts will focus Republicans, and they’ll agree to fiscal policy that includes the entitlement cuts Republicans want and tax increases Democrats want.

Aren’t you overjoyed? They are crafting an automatic trigger that will cause this bill to effect the most destructive possible legislation if Congress does nothing at some point late in the year.

I used to think some members of Congress had vacuums where their brains should be, but I’m afraid it’s actually something much denser… and browner.

Meanwhile, Robert Reich points out that Congress is addressing a problem that does not afflict us, a completely contrived political blackmail that addresses no real-world problem.



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