Tropical Storm Don

is probably heading south of here, though Houston/Galveston is on the northern edge of the landfall forecast, probably tomorrow night. One never knows for sure, but this looks unlikely to be a bad storm. I had planned today to buy some perishable groceries; I’ll still buy them, but add a few extra canned items just in case. If we lose power and the web is inaccessible, I’ll email in a very short post from my cell phone to let you know our status.

UPDATE Thursday about 4:15PM CT: Damn. Not only is Don not coming here, it’s so far south along the Texas coast that I’d be very surprised if we get any rain from it. It’s somewhere between sunny and cloudy-bright outside at the moment, not exactly promising rain.

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  • Bryan  On Thursday July 28, 2011 at 11:22 am

    The intensity forecast has consistently shown that it should peak below hurricane force. It should bring rain to a lot of areas that really need it. Unfortunately there will be flash flooding, but I assume that Texas is willing to take rain any way it can.

    As the storm is coming in South of you, you should get rain from the outer bands.

    • Steve  On Thursday July 28, 2011 at 2:41 pm

      Bryan, you’re right about your assumption, and in a normal year, Houstonians deal with flash floods pretty often, so that’s certainly an acceptable price to pay. I’ve been paying our lawn guy to water our lawn lightly every two weeks… that’s about minimum to keep it alive, and I can’t do it myself.

      Right now it’s looking like Don will land well southwest of us, which suits me just fine. It’s cloudy outside, the sort of cloud that suggests rain on the way. Best of all, a major pressure change seems already to have happened, so my feet have already quit aching!

      If the winds stay below hurricane force, the folks along that part of the coast won’t even break a sweat. In Kemah, that little cottage we stayed in was newly rebuilt after Ike; I suppose all they will have to do now is take down the exterior antique painted windows preserved from the original inn of decades ago… and those are on eyehooks for ease of removal.

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