FYI, there’s an interesting post by Phoenix Woman of FDL about the possibility of using Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment to resolve the debt limit crisis… who thinks it would or would not work, who advocates it, etc.

But that still leaves me facing the same dilemma I’ve faced a number of times in Obama’s presidency (e.g., over the health care reform act) and especially since the beginning of this crisis: if Obama fails to get a debt limit increase, the U.S. will default, and if we believe what economists are saying, we may plunge straight back into depression… but if he does succeed, Obama and the Republicans will eviscerate the remaining body of New Deal legislation on which a lot of us depend or will depend in our old age. I abhor the thought of a default, and I abhor the thought of Obama’s and the GOP’s “solution” to the default. There is no good outcome for this crisis: we are fucked if Obama prevails or if he fails.

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