Birthday Photos, Part 1

These photos are from Stella’s 60th birthday trip to Kemah, TX, July 21 and 22. I thought it best to post just a few photos at a time, omitting those I did not find interesting. A word about ages: I am NOT cradle-robbing! I am almost 63; Stella, despite her youthful looks, is in fact 60! (Click any photo to enlarge.)

Stella Leaves House, Headed to Kemah

Our Cottage in Kemah - 'Mont Blanc'

One of Mont Blanc's Decorative Windows

Stella Reads on Porch of Mont Blanc

Between “Stella Leaves House” and the Mont Blanc pictures, we stopped at Cuisine of India, newly on NASA Pkwy. (the new name for NASA Rd. 1) but with food as wonderful as ever… both of us rated it the best we’ve found in the Houston/Galveston area, reminiscent of the old regrettably defunct Ashoka in the intensity of flavors of the dishes.
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