♫ Crazy ♫

Patsy Cline could never sing it like today’s GOP. The latest is… well, just read what John Boehner says today, apparently insisting no debt ceiling vote will take place until after several (purely symbolic) votes on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution have been taken in the course of the next week. I wonder if the purportedly favorable public poll numbers for a BBA show that the public is willing to ignore the game of “chicken” the GOP is playing with the very survival of the American economy.

The whole thing seems a bit like the behavior of playground bullies doing something purely to show their power… except that the GOP really does not have the power to do anything constructive. But the insanity is not new behavior on the part of the GOP, as Paul Krugman explains. We’ve seen it all before. And I’ll wager if Obama does not rub their faces in it this time, we shall see it again. And again, and again, and…


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