Oh, Good Effing Grief! GOPers Say OBAMA Is Trying To Scare Seniors!

This kind of bullshit is what makes me wish the entire GOP caucus in Congress could be marched off to jail for as long as it takes to raise the debt ceiling:

GOP Demand Obama Protect Seniors From Default, Won’t Name What To Cut Instead

Benjy Sarlin | July 14, 2011, 2:46PM

Republican lawmakers are pushing President Obama to put seniors, troops, and bondholders at the front of the line should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling. The rest? Well, that’s up to him.

“We’re just calling on the president to assume the role of CEO and prioritize accordingly,” Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) said at a press conference on the issue. Participants repeatedly accused Obama of trying to “scare seniors” by suggesting Social Security payments might be suspended in the wake of a default crisis.

But where will the immediate 44% cut in overall spending needed to avoid default come from instead? Michele Bachmann, who has gone so far as to demand the debt ceiling never be raised, dodged questions on the issue Wednesday by simply repeating her assertion that Social Security and troop pay be left sacrosanct.

I suppose regular viewers of Faux News may well not have seen the past week’s worth of brinkmanship on the part of the GOP in Congress, but surely everybody else knows exactly who is blackmailing whom with what in this whole sordid business. Bachmann’s response apparently is typical: no Republicans would venture even a tiny suggestion of what, exactly, Obama should cut instead of the entitlement programs.

Look: the GOP clearly hasn’t the slightest intention of negotiating in good faith. There are a few possible responses to that, and I am hoping Obama will choose one that causes congressional GOPers to wince and reach for their Preparation H. After this stunt, there’s no one more deserving of a pain in the butt than the House GOP caucus.

UPDATE: Deal in the works? Maybe; hard to tell. Good deal for us? Even harder to tell without specifics. Here’s an interview with Obama (click, then scroll down) that is actually worth your time to watch. Can Obama be trusted? I have no idea. Can the GOPers be trusted? Absolutely not. Is the Democratic Party rank-and-file fracturing along progressive/centrist lines? Read the comment thread to this post and decide for yourself. I think if I am indirectly called a “firebagger” one more time, I may throw something… e.g., up.


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  • Bryan  On Thursday July 14, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    The Obamabots are alive and well in that comment thread. and just as delusional as 2008.

    There are two houses of Congress, and two caucuses in each house. The fact that Obama almost never talks to House Democrats, while constantly talking to Senate Republicans, pretty much confirms his status as a DINO.

    Any sane Democratic President would have dealt with this issue in the lame duck session, but Zero waited until he had like-mined individuals controlling the House.

    Zero voted against raising the debt limit as a Senator in 2006, so why should anyone assume his attitude has changed?

    • Steve  On Thursday July 14, 2011 at 11:27 pm

      Bryan, just in case it’s no longer the current displayed quote (see left column), here’s what Paul Krugman had to say:

      “What Obama has offered — and Republicans have refused to accept — is a deal in which less than 20 percent of the deficit reduction comes from new revenues. This puts him slightly to the right of the average Republican voter.”

      Obama’s asininity does not make me less annoyed with Republicans’ outright lies about the relative positions of the two parties (to the extent there are two parties anymore). Whatever Obama did, he did not originate the threats against seniors and sick people… those threats started on the right side of the aisle. Not to worry… I don’t expect any help from Hopey-Changey in this sorry confrontation.

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