In My Book

The always excellent William Rivers Pitt, at the end of a column expressing everyone’s shock and outrage at the president’s apparent trial balloon contemplating eviscerating Social Security and Medicare:

There is no deal on paper as of yet, and the whole world is watching. Many people I spoke to on this were blunt: if the Democrats consent to any deal that damages or denudes Social Security and Medicare, then that’s it, hats over the windmill, and turn out the lights when you leave. Obama and his people can hope and change their way across the campaign trail until they are blue in the face. They will not be getting the votes of these people. This administration has made it clear on more than one occasion that they do not think too highly of their own base, and by acting like Republicans, perhaps they believe they will earn the votes of enough independents to offset the damage.

Maybe they will, and maybe they won’t, but that is not the point.

This is a matter of honor, plain and simple. An ocean of blood, sweat and tears has been spent bringing these all-important programs to life, and even more has been spent protecting and defending them. If this president consents to throw all that over in an act of political triangulation, he will be marked in my book for all time as a failure, a betrayer, and a disgrace.

In my book, and in many other books besides.

And that most certainly includes my book.

Obama’s relentless compromise of civil liberties drove me from the Democratic Party. I used to be a dues-paying, card-carrying Democrat… not any more. Since I left the party, I have nonetheless voted for many other Democrats who seemed to me to deserve the offices they hold.

But now I can say unreservedly: anyone who supports Obama’s attempt to drain the lifeblood of progressive government in America not only loses my vote… that’s the least they will lose… but also I shall campaign actively against them, try to “primary” them, assist a viable third party candidate opposing them… whatever it takes. Obama and his fellow Republicans (sic!) are not the only ones who can hold a metaphorical gun to the metaphorical head of the Democratic Party.

This is fish-or-cut-bait time for the Democratic Party. If they want anything at all from me, independent that I am… anything, even a vote for a local candidate… they will put an end to the pernicious behavior of this wayward, anything-but-Democratic president. Enough is enough.

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