Torture: As American As Apple Pie

… and notwithstanding the president’s highfalutin’ language to the contrary, that’s as true in the Obama administration as it was in G.W. Bush’s presidency. Dan Froomkin explains in a long, detailed article just how accountability has been deliberately sidestepped and truth about American torture deliberately avoided by two presidential administrations, one from each major political party.

This article is five web pages long, but your alternative, in my opinion, is to read Jane Mayer’s chilling book, The Dark Side (review, interview by Scott Horton, video interview on Democracy Now) which is a lot longer but deals with similar American atrocities.

You know that we will either confront what was done and what is still being done in our name, or we will utterly lose all that is good about America in the international sphere. There is no middle ground here. Torture, by the United States as surely as by any other nation, whatever the “reasoning” that leads public officials to order it and agents to perform it, is wrong under all circumstances. The choice is simple. We can clear the record, call the guilty to account, and atone before the world, or we can be hated by the people of the world from now on.

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