Senate Defense Authorization Would Codify Indefinite Detention Without Trial

A provision in the Senate committee version of the National Defense Authorization Act

… would establish a statutory scheme for holding terrorism suspects possibly forever without trial, despite the proven success of civilian prosecutions in incapacitating terrorists,

according to Human Rights First. On the same topic, Kevin Gosztola of FDL cites a speech on Saturday by Glenn Greenwald (see blogroll) in which Greenwald

… makes clear the critique of Obama should not be that he has been “slow to reverse” Bush policies. Rather, the critique should be that he ”has affirmatively embraced them as his own and in many cases extended far beyond where George Bush and Dick Cheney ever dreamed of taking them” (and, if you saw Part 1, you understand this is now bipartisan consensus in American politics).

Understand, this is not about Guantanamo rather than Illinois (to use Greenwald’s example) or any other specific site of imprisonment. This is about locking up people accused of terrorism essentially forever, with no access to due process of any sort, solely on the say-so of the president.

Please pause for a moment and reread your Bill of Rights. Do you see any indication that a president has the authority to do this? Expand your search to the entire Constitution; do you see such an authority? Neither do I. Scary shit? No kidding!


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