Your Gift To ‘Liberty’ – Government Funding Of An Evangelical Christian University

Yes, your tax money, in unbelievably large amounts, supports the late unlamented Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Read all about it in Bill Berkowitz’s AlterNet article, Why Is Jerry Falwell’s Evangelical University Getting Filthy Rich off Your Tax Money?

Are you not offended yet, perhaps because you are yourself an evangelical Christian? Then of course you will not be offended when I accept immense government grants for my soon-to-be-announced Houston Unitarian Universalist University, and certainly not by the government’s mega-funding of a Jewish university here, nor by the payments to a university exclusively for the adherents of Islam… and don’t forget that I’ve almost persuaded P.Z. Myers to apply for funding for an Atheist Academy as well…

Do you get it yet? or are you so thick that you cannot envision the full implications of a breakdown in the First Amendment’s proscription of “an establishment of religion”?

There are good reasons for Jefferson’s “wall of separation,” and among those reasons is the protection of churches themselves from government interference. What if all of Liberty University’s federal grants were discontinued tomorrow as part of a campaign of budget cuts imposed on all religious institutions? What if they were selectively cut because someone in the current administration didn’t like Jerry’s religious views? What if they were selectively increased compared to grants to other religious organizations? You see, it just doesn’t work in a society in which multiple religions flourish: there is no way for it but to separate church and state with a strictness worthy of our founders’ understanding of the potential havoc any affiliation could wreak.

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