Bachmann’s Petty Theft

Tom Petty, already a victim of intellectual property rights theft by the GeeDubya Bush campaign in 2000, woke up to find that the Michele Bachmann campaign was playing his song “American Girl” at Bachmann’s Waterloo, Iowa rally. According to TPM, “… Petty’s management sent her a cease-and-desist letter for her unauthorized use of his music.”

Well, I suppose if the best you’ve got on your own side is Ted Nugent, the temptation to steal the music of Democrats must be overwhelming.

Only slightly related, such events always remind me of the TV introduction, a bit over a decade ago, of the first cheerleaders for the newly established Houston Texans pro football team. The cheerleaders danced onstage before the camera to the tune of The Guess Who’s “American Woman“… with its second line “Stay away from me!” carefully omitted from the soundtrack.

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  • evil is evil  On Friday July 1, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Given the pure drivel that comes out of Michelle Bachmann, there are supposed to be 27 children that were in her home.

    Now has anyone found one of those children and interviewed them? Has anyone found the people that had to do the heavy lifting for Michelle and her half baked fruitcake husband? Did they pay minimum wage? Did they employee illegal aliens? Did they pay income tax?

    Pretending to be curious, but just as sure as I am that Joe Lieberman and Ron Paul draw Social Security retirement checks, the Bachmanns undoubtedly have some real dirt in their past.

    • Steve  On Friday July 1, 2011 at 5:14 pm

      Welcome, e-i-e!

      Perhaps if Bachmann begins to draw attention as having real potential to be the GOP nominee, someone will start digging up whatever dirt there is on her. It probably won’t be the Democrats; they don’t seem to be able to dig up a potato to boil for dinner. But if it’s there to be found, I am confident it will be found. Will it be broadcast in the MSM? Who knows; I wouldn’t bet on it. Time will tell.

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