‘We Don’t Need No Educashun’

Susie Madrak found this jewel, an ad offered in New Jersey by two hedge fund managers intent on destroying the state’s largest teachers’ union:

Y’know what, they’re right. Back in colonial times, our founders educated their own children, and all it cost them was the salary of private tutors that came to their mansions a few times a week. Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents, learned his sums by scratching them in charcoal on a shovel beside the fire; I know that because… well, because people say he did that. And as Susie points out, the gentlemen who made this fine ad are making absolute bloody fortunes without using any of their highfalutin’ educations at all.

So what about your kids? How much ‘rithmetic does it take to subtract the mortgage payment due tomorrow from your bank balance today and come up with a negative number? How much readin’ ‘n’ writin’ does it take to read the word EVICTION on the notice tacked on your door? Wassamatter, are you worried that your kids won’t be able to count the payoff the next time they deal drugs?

So why should we be paying filthy liberals who have Master’s degrees to baby-sit our kids while their unions pry more and more of the taxpayer’s money… that’s your money, not theirs, remember, they did nothing at all to earn it… out of your hands?

We need uneducated kids NOW! Break the teacher’s union NOW!

(/snark, in case you’re new to this site)


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