Speedup! Speedup! Speedup!

Mother Jones editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery explain why it feels like you’re working several times as hard as you used to, and longer than you used to, for no more pay.

It’s because you are.

The assembly line moves faster. The task list grows longer. The number of projects for which each worker is responsible expands, with the predictable consequence that actual working hours increase… all with no increase in pay. You find yourself answering email on your smartphone over what passes for dinner. Your kids (or parents, or spouse) seldom see you. Vacations, holidays, weekends, days off and even short work breaks are compressed or vanish altogether. But it’s expected of you to work all those extra hours and days, and others stand ready to take your job if you don’t comply.

And still the line moves faster…

The article examines a bigger question: how things got to this point, whether something resembling sanity can be restored, and if so, how. The answers are not simple. Give it a read… perhaps between the 2nd and 3rd emails you answer after dinner…

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