Krugman On Keynes In Today’s Context

Paul Krugman gave a talk in England, apparently “[p]repared for the Cambridge conference commemorating the 75th anniversary of the publication of [J. M. Keynes’s] The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money,” resulting in the linked publication, which has such a thorny-looking copyright that I am not going to tempt the lawyers by quoting more than the aforementioned description of the occasion for the talk/paper.

Reading the paper requires some basic knowledge of macroeconomics, and makes occasional references that are over my head, but many of you will surely comprehend and appreciate his elucidation of the work of John Maynard Keynes as applied to and in the context of today’s manifest economic disaster. Glean from it what you’re able, and if you want intelligent discussion of its subjects, look elsewhere… I simply don’t have the knowledge and/or capacity for it.

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