Dancing With The Devil

That’s how the estimable Russ Feingold describes the formation of a Democratic “Super PAC”:

The Super PAC Priorities USA, which was founded by former Obama White House aides to collect and spend the unlimited corporate funds allowed under the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, and other Democratic Super PACs are nothing short of a disaster for the party, Feingold said.

“It’s dancing will the devil,” he told hundreds of liberal activists gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Feingold, who championed campaign finance reform in the 1990s, used most of his address to attack Citzens United, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that has paved the way for direct, unlimited corporate involvement in elections.

Feingold also exclaimed, “I don’t just think it’s wrong, I think it’s a dumb strategy,” and added, “We can raise that money with people power, … raise it without selling our soul.” And he concluded, “It’s a game we will never win. We will not win.”

And so we will not. The last thing a nation with an already limited two-party democracy needs is complete corporate ownership of both parties. If that happens, what difference does it make who wins elections? Voting would then be very much like choosing between AT&T and Ford to control your government. Do you like those options?

Is anybody out there listening to Feingold? anybody?


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