Weiner Gives It Up

Anthony Weiner is resigning from his seat in Congress.

I personally don’t much care if he stays or goes. And I’m the first to admit that Weiner was just asking for trouble. It was stupid of him.

But when a Democratic member of Congress is hounded to resign by the House Minority (Democratic) Leader and the chair of the Democratic National Committee, among other Democrats… and I believe “hounded” is the appropriate word here… Democrats hand Republicans a powerful weapon to use against any Democrat they wish to target.

Now it is clear to Republicans that no illegal behavior need be alleged; a vicious smear campaign of rumors will now be sufficient to drive a Democrat from office, with the persecution of his own party. Democrats: expect more scandals with even less substance. And remember, Dems… you brought it on yourselves. Couldn’t you at least have made the scandal about David Vitter as well? Why not? At least what Vitter did was against the law.

It’s yet another reason why I left the Democratic Party: they engage in too much self-flagellation. Shades of the Monty Python monks (YouTube video)!

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  • Bryan  On Thursday June 16, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Why would anyone run as a Democrat? What’s the point of belonging to an organization that will stab you in the back over anything?

    The thing is, New York really can’t afford another special election, so it is likely the seat will remain empty at least until November, and the state legislature will eliminate the district when it redistricts, so it isn’t worth the cost of running.

    • Steve  On Thursday June 16, 2011 at 11:23 pm

      Bryan, will the district be eliminated for partisan reasons?

      • Bryan  On Friday June 17, 2011 at 12:30 am

        New York is going to lose two seats, so they’ll take out one Republican and one Democratic seat. The choices would normally be based on seniority, so they were probably planning to break up 26 as the Democratic seat, as it was just won in a special election by a Democrat in a normally Republican district, and then take out a seat held by a Republican elsewhere, probably 21 in Northern New York that the Republicans just got back.

        Now Weiner’s seat will have the least senior Congresscritter, so it’s a natural.

        They work to protect incumbents and both parties play by the same rules.

        The voters in his district lost more than just a Congresscritter, they lost their identity as a Congressional district.

        • Steve  On Friday June 17, 2011 at 8:19 am

          Bryan, the system is different… and arguably worse… in Texas.

          The district containing the last place I lived was ethnically and economically mixed in a way that resulted in a Democratic majority. When R’s in the state legislature did their midterm re-re-redistricting under Tom DeLay (thankfully now sitting in prison), they carved it up and assigned the fragments each to an adjacent Republican-leaning district, so that the Democratic district was gone. A compliant federal court ruled that it was all OK, and my congresscritter, Chris Bell (D), was ousted after only one term. Bell is the ultimate conservative family man, so it had nothing to do with his behavior; he was just the unlucky Democratic occupant of the district to be carved up.

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