The GOP Tool For The Day: CENSORSHIP

The GOP is employing baldfaced censorship in not one but two matters today:

  • Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chair of the House Oversight Committee, blocked testimony from ATF agents who might have said that weak U.S. gun laws were making it difficult to capture criminals smuggling assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels;
  • Republicans on the House Administration Committee are blocking Democratic franking of Medicare-related mailers to their constituents because they contain language that says that the GOP intends to “end Medicare” … language already approved in earlier mailed materials. The language has the additional advantage of being true on its face… and hence, at least in theory, not open to political debate.

I’m sorry, but this is outside the pale. Democrats should meet as a caucus to take the ATF agents’ testimony, officially or not, perhaps on the steps of the Capitol with TV news network cameras rolling (yeah, I know; it’ll be tough to get them to cover the meeting, given today’s media), and Obama should order Treasury to spend the franking money anyway (franking has been guaranteed by law since colonial times)… perhaps taking the funds from those intended for GOP House members’ salaries. 😈

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