Gov. Perry: God Planned Economic Hardship… But Not For Him And His Ilk

Fundamentalist religious people involved in politics frequently astonish me. Gov. Rick “Goodhair” Perry held a prayer breakfast recently, not in itself an unusual thing for a Southern conservative governor to do. But this one was a doozy. One of his stated goals was to end the “increasing acceptance of homosexuality“; another was “to bring us back to those Biblical principles of you know, you don’t spend all the money. … Not asking for Pharaoh to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks because at the end of the day, it’s slavery. We become slaves to government.” So for Perry at least, the basis of his religion is an utter disregard for the principles of charity Jesus taught. Well, maybe his prayers are to the Supply Side Jesus

The state budget this year is reportedly a disaster on steroids (see first link in this post and follow its links in turn), laying off 100,000 teachers, cutting funding for fighting wildfires in a year notable for its fires, cutting Medicaid reimbursement rates, whacking assistance to nursing homes (probably resulting in some closures and seniors with senile dementia literally dumped on the street), dropping financial aid for 60,000 students… all the while refusing to touch the “rainy day fund” and giving a tax break to yacht owners. Yes, yacht owners: hey, you know citizens must sacrifice for the important things.

I am sorry, but I absolutely refuse to acknowledge anything even slightly divine in Gov. Perry’s party’s budget plan. It is evil, callous and uncaring, through and through. And yet in the world after Citizens United, I doubt seriously Perry will lose the governorship in the next state election; with the money he has backing him, he’s good to go, continuing his reign as governor-for-life. (Texas has no term limits, and usually I do not advocate them.) Is a de facto dictatorship better than a de jure one?

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  • Steve  On Wednesday June 15, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    (See MandT’s comment, two posts downstream, but obviously intended for this post. – SB)

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