This Cartoon By Ted Rall

depicts the voters’ false dilemma regarding Obama very well. “How can you risk not voting for him?” people ask me point-blank. But aside from all his cave-ins to Republicans on vital issues (e.g., will he, as rumored, cave to the GOP on Medicare? will he compromise away a woman’s right to choose abortion? who knows!), there’s the indisputable fact that he has put out “hit contracts” on American citizens, without even a hint of due process, has expanded Bush’s violations of our privacy and civil liberties, and has served the wealthy to the exclusion of all other Americans and to the overwhelming detriment of our economy. If Mr. Obama is going to act like a Republican, I shall treat him like a Republican. And I never knowingly vote for Republicans.


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  • MandT  On Saturday June 11, 2011 at 10:42 am

    It’s simple for me now. I will not vote for Obama….period. At my age, I will cease to vote for the so-called lesser evil. I’d rather see this country collapse than continue this violent criminality. The sooner the better to begin again.

    • Steve  On Saturday June 11, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      MandT, I can tell you are as fed up as I am, perhaps more (though it’s difficult to be more fed up than I feel right at the moment). Obama has a lot to prove, and he cannot prove it merely by making grand speeches and high-sounding promises between now and November 2012. He actually has to do something that benefits the nation and its people… ordinary people… working people, retired people, sick people, people in service to the nation, old people and children. They must get their due from anyone and everyone I vote for. I cannot see how that will include Obama. I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am in him.

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