Medicare Murder: Has The GOP Finally Put Its, Err, Foot In Its Mouth?

The final results of a poll have not been publicly released yet, but it’s beginning to look that way. From TPM’s Evan McMorris-Santoro:

Not only does the poll show huge opposition to Ryan’s plan to replace Medicare with a voucher system, the poll shows Democrats winning the credibility war when it comes to Medicare and “protecting the middle class.” And — in a jolt of good news for the White House and Democrats — the numbers show that when voters are given Ryan budget messaging from opponents, support for the Democratic health care law actually goes up slightly in response.

The poll was conducted by The Herndon Alliance and Protect Your Care, two groups focused on defending the Democratic health care law from political attack. Full details on the survey will be released later today, but an early look at the numbers suggests the political hay Democrats can make from the Medicare fight is abundant.

Paraphrasing that popular sign at a TP demonstration, “Keep your government GOP hands off my Medicare!”

Note that November 2012 is a long way (and an ocean of GOP lies and campaign ads) away. Your Medicare is by no means safe. Eternal vigilance is the price of… well, of survival for many of us.

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