HHS: Indiana Medicaid Banning Planned Parenthood Is Illegal

Jon Terbush of TPM has details. (Well, a few, anyway.) In brief, if the Indiana plan stays in effect, prohibiting Medicaid funding for any health clinics that offer abortion services, the state is subject to a variety of penalties, penalties not enumerated in the linked article or any other I could find, but presumably including possible loss of federal Medicaid funding. (One reason the consequences are so vague is that in every other instance in which a state was confronted by HHS for violating Medicaid regulations, the state came into compliance before penalties were assessed.)

This comes as a surprise to… no one. Possible presidential candidate Gov. Mitch Daniels (yes, I know he says he’s out of the race; yeah, sure) and the Indiana legislature both surely knew there was no way this bill complied with Supreme Court rulings, federal Health and Human Services regulations, and Dog knows what else. But they did it anyway, presumably to prove a point to the GOP base. What was the point? Simple: IOKIYAR. Republicans are exempt from the rule of law, didn’t you get the memo in 2010?

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