Another Obama Administration Cave-In: Salazar Retracts Wilderness Designation Promise

From The Hill:

Salazar: Interior will not enforce ‘wild lands’ policy

By Andrew Restuccia – 06/01/11 02:52 PM ET

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar formally announced Wednesday that the Interior Department will not enforce its “wild lands” policy after Republicans won inclusion of a rider blocking funding for the proposal in a recent government-spending package.

Salazar sent Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Bob Abbey a memo Wednesday stressing that agency “will not designate any lands as ‘Wild Lands.’”

Late last year, Salazar issued a secretarial order detailing a “wild lands” program, which involves designating and managing certain public lands to protect their wilderness characteristics.

Western Republicans slammed the policy, arguing it was an effort to circumvent Congress’s authority and raising fears that it could be used to make lands off-limits to oil-and-gas drilling.

Face it: Obama never for a minute intended to stick with this policy. He said it to placate (ahem) certain constituencies, and now that it’s time to toss us under the bus, he tosses the policy with us. What a surprise. [/snark]

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