All This Prosperity Is Sickening

… literally. Read Ian Welsh:

One of the pathologies of American, and to a lesser extent, Western society, which really stands out yet is rarely remarked on, is the absolute epidemic of chronic diseases we suffer from.  From historically apocalyptic rates of cancer to asthma, to heart and stroke disease, we’re one sick bunch.  We walk around, not dead yet, but chronically sick.

This is a direct result of our economic arrangements.  We dump huge amounts of carcinogens into the air, water and the food chain.  We pollute the air in so many ways they’re uncountable.  We build our residential areas to actively discourage exercise.  We subsidize food that is bad for us, especially corn derived foods, and we eat so much sugar it’s surprising we aren’t all crazed.  We dump such massive amounts of hormones into the water and food chain that our children are experiencing record early puberty.  And this is the short list.

All of these are what economists call “negative externalities”, which is to say, the cost of someone’s profits is paid in illness and chronic bad health, which also has a monetary cost. …

Read the rest; it’s a short post… right to the point, and truly sickening.

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