Loughner Incompetent To Stand Trial

Jared Loughner, accused (by multiple witnesses) of shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head and of killing six other people in January in Tucson, has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial. Who am I to contradict the mental health professionals on whose reports the federal judge based this ruling.

There are two likely consequences of the ruling: one fewer death as a result of this horrifying, tragic incident, and quite possibly more time in confinement for Loughner than if he had been found competent, tried and convicted.

Nothing will bring those Loughner killed back to life. And presuming (as I do, based on the ruling) that he is truly mentally incompetent, no satisfying retribution would come of executing him, as he presumably has no comprehension of the acts he committed. Tragedy upon tragedy… there was never a possibility of a good outcome in this waking nightmare.

AFTERTHOUGHT: how long will it be before Newt Gingrich blames this tragedy on the Democrats, as he did in the cases of Susan Smith, and the Columbine massacre, and the 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy, etc. etc.? Oh, excuse me, apparently, he has already done so. Silly me. For a moment, I forgot what a shit-head he is.

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